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About Shimul Memorial North South School and College

The school operates two shifts in 4 branches among which 3 in Rajshahi and 1 in Dhaka. 1. Morning Shift 2. Day Shift » Morning Shift includes from Play Group to Class Two. » Day Shift includes from Class Three to Class Ten » SMNSSC runs its activities through the monitoring of 6 Monitoring Officers (3 in Main Branch and 1 in each Branch) under the supervision of a Branch In-charge at different branches who are supervised by the Vice Principal monitored by the Principal directly. Moreover, the total system is directly supervised by The Executive Director and the Chairman. In addition, all the decisions to run the academic and administrative activities successfully are passed from the highest policymaking committee named Execution Committee formed with the highly qualified faculty members. » Objectives: 1. To create/creating enthusiastic generation for enlightened furthered. 2. To arrange/arranging attributive education with proficient/potent guidance. 3. To create hunger for innovative and emergency issues. 4. To create happy mind for intrinsic learning to substantive success. 5. To arrange secure, sound, motivating and environment of learning for students. 6. To encourage cognitive learning. 7. To create productive citizens to be future leader. » Class Management: Every

class is divided into several sections having maximum 35 students in each section. Each section is divided into a segment of 15 students who are guided by a Guide Teacher whose duty is to take care of students’ academic progress and report to the Coordinator of the section and the Coordinator is to report to the Class Teacher who is to report to the Vice Principal. » Infrastructural Facilities: We have constant electricity supply with the support of a strong power generating system which works instantly after the failure of electricity supply. Students are provided with an air conditioned class room, fully multimedia class room, purified drinking water. During winter season the students of Play Group are provided with hot water and room heater. All the students must bring home made tiffin with them. » Faculty Members: Shimul Memorial North South School and College has a team of well qualified, experienced and caring teachers who are specialized in their own fields. » Professional Development of Teachers: Shimul Memorial North South School and College provides all the faculty members with necessary training to enhance their teaching skills so that they can teach the latest and the best. » Own Campus Shimul Memorial North South School and College has a large space for its own campus which is under process to construct a well organized, well decorated and specious building on it having a large field. » Academic Structure: Version: Shimul Memorial North South School and College runs its academic activities in both in Bangla and English version. English version is available only for Play Group to Class Five. Examination: The students from Play Group to class Two are given 3 Terminal Examinations named 1st Term, 2nd Term & Annual Examination. The students from class Three to class Ten are given 2 Terminal Examinations named Half Yearly & Annual Examination where the students of class take Pre Test & Test Examination instead of Half Yearly & Annual Examination respectively. Besides, these Term Examinations, students are given Class tests after each class, Card Exams, Tutorial Exams, Booster Tests and Weekly Exams. Students are awarded with attractive prizes for better results in each exam to inspire them. Moreover, various competitions are arranged like Grammar Test both in English & Bangla to enrich grammatical knowledge, Vocabulary Test both in English & Bangla to enrich stock of vocabulary, Hand Writing Competition both in English & Bangla to make handwriting better. Here the students are also awarded with attractive prizes for their best. Assembly: Students must attend Assembly, as per Government Rule, which is done centrally. They must enter the school before starting assembly. Otherwise they are not allowed to attend the classes. Scoring & Promotion System: Shimul Memorial North South School and College follows Grading System result provided by the Government. Students have to get 33% marks in every subject annually to be promoted to the next class. Award: Students are awarded for their performances in different exams and competitions with medals, crests, certificates, books and other educational kits. One student is selected as Student of the Year from each class for the best performance both in curricular and co-curricular activities.