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About Admission

Students may be admitted in more than one section for every class i.e. from Play to class Nine with limited seat quantity. Guardians must meet us to be informed vastly before admission and management has the complete power of decision about admission.

Admission Procedure

I.    At first the admission form, prospectus and other papers have to be collected from school office paying 300/- only.

II.    The Students have to be present after collecting and filling the form and prospectus properly.

III.    The Students have to appear both oral and written test for admission.

IV.    If the student is selected for admission then guardian has to complete the procedure of admission by paying the total amount of fees which are non refundable.

V.    One copy of stamp size and two copies of passport size photos and the copy of birth registration certificate must be added with the admission form.

Education System

  • Pre-Primary (Play-K.G):
    • Cheerful environment, game and special cordial relation and facilities are ensured in case of the students of pre-primary.
  • Primary (One-Five)
  • Junior Secondary (six-Eight)
  • Secondary (Nine-Ten)


Medium of Education

  • Bangla (Play-ten):
    • Co-education system is provided but boys and girls are treated individually in different sections from class three to ten. In class of Bangla Medium the subject English is emphasized vastly.
  • English version (One-Five)


Required age for admission:

Class Name Min. Age Class Name Min. Age Class Name Min. Age
Play group 3 years+ Class II 6 years+ Class VI 10 years+
Nursery 4 years+ Class III 7 years+ Class VII 11 years+
K.G. 5 Class IV 8 years+ Class VIII 12 years+
Class I 5 years+ Class V 9 years+ Class IX 13 years+

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