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The Exceptionality

I. Group type teaching system and happy learning environment are provided where all the children can achieve their best.

II. Children’s abilities and talents are developed within the framework of National and challenging curriculum.

III. Less attentive and slow students are to be specially cared.

IV. Class tasks are completed in the class room.

V. Various types of exams are taken to inspire student’s competitive mentality.

VI. Spiritual and moral values and a sense of responsibility for the community and the environment are fostered.

VII. Various types of prizes are delivered to the students to encourage their sleeping talent.

VIII. Subject wise lecture sheet, lesson plan, hand note, figure suggestion and solves are delivered.

IX. Guardians are included and informed about their children’s activities to ensure that children achieve their full potential.

X. Science fair, excursion, celebration of all the national and international days, Birth day of each and every student, Annual picnic and Report declaration, Various types of competition like cultural, debate, essay writing, hand writing, indoor & outdoor games and so many co-curricular programs are arranged to develop an aesthetic awareness and creativity of the students.

XI. Safe and secure environment are provided by close circuit camera and close door system.

XII. Pure drinking water, nutrition care, health care and 1st AID treatment etc. are available.

XIII. Clean, spacious and fully air-conditioned classroom, lab and library are provided.

XIV. Modern facilities of teaching equipments like multimedia projector, sound system, attractive digital voice etc. are shifted in classrooms.

XV. One of the attractions of this school is that it carries various types of additional educational activities like science club, debating club, language club, cultural club, tourist club, writers club, reciting club, scout, girls guide, clubs, yellow birds etc.

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