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Welcome to Shimul Memorial North South School

logoWe are pleased to welcome you to Shimul Memorial North South School, which was established in Rajshahi in 2003. The school has developed an enviable reputation and attracts constant requests for admission. It has a proper and charming atmosphere to provide proper guidance and quality education to the children which is vital to our educational system.  We are committed to nurture the sleeping talent in your child to build a nation, and it is indeed true that “proper guidance can create an enlightened generation”. We proudly announce that now our SMNSS is a government-recognized registered school of not only primary level but also secondary level.

The Chairman of the school bears a devoted soul for the expansion of education. He is one of the torch bearers of education in this region and his aim is to enlighten the society with the light of education. In that view SMNSS opened another two branches. 1st branch is situated at aristocratic Uposhohor area and 2nd branch is situated at Uporvadra, Islampur. We promised to serve the same curriculum at all branches. It should be known to our guardians that we serve the same lesson plan, lecture sheet, question paper etc. and teachers of same quality at all branches. It is completely directed under the supervision of authority.

President & Founder Message

M.A. Mannan Khan

সম্মানিত অভিভাবকবৃন্দ, শুভানুধ্যায়ী ও প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আস্‌সালামু আলাইকুম। শিমুল মেমোরিয়াল নর্থ সাউথ স্কুল রাজশাহী মহানগরীর একটি স্বনামধন্য, যুগোপযোগী, আধুনিক, স্বনির্ভর সেবা ও শিশু কল্যাণ তথা জনকল্যাণমুখী শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠান হিসেবে আত্মপরিচিতি লাভ করেছে।… View More →

Ever Remembrance Late Zahidur Rahman Khan (Shimul)

Late Zahidur Rahman Khan (Shimul), a shiny star, of Shimul Memorial North South School was born in January 10, 1980. He is a name of inspiration that enlightened the new strategy of education through his extra ordinary talent and relentless work. He was one of the most precious columns in building the frame of this school in 2003. He was student when he dedicated himself in securing the educational field for the lets of the guardians of this area in a smooth way. It was said that he was restless to serve this type of education to door to door at Rajshahi. He breathed his last on February 21, 2007 by a terrible road accident. Now he is no more with us but his dream has come true. This educational institute is now a mature arbor of flowers and flowers. He was the dearest nephew of our honorable chairman and the school is named after him to carry him through his work. Still we bear his spirit and enthusiasm through our work. Hope, all the members, students and well wishers of the school would keep him in their mind and pray for his departed soul to the Almighty to rest him in peace. Aameen!

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